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Medicine and the Mafia

Medicine today is a trade, the study of Medicine a business, the practice of medicine an Industry and the manufacturing of medicine – an organized Syndicate.

It is a vicious cycle. The drug manufacturers produce massive quantities of products and the demand for them is created by a well integrated distribution system, which has the noblest of professions by the scruff of the neck – thanks mainly to buying power of Money.

The entire eco system is a well linked chain. From the road side pharmacy, the scan centers, the test labs, the distributor to the manufacturer, there is a robust ‘Distribution based Commission Framework’ in place at every level of the transaction. The sales forces of these conglomerates use samples as a guise to meet doctors and actually end up transacting a business deal (rewards in cash, kind, holidays for families, gifts etc) for prescribing an agreed quantity of types of drugs. The doctor is linked to a local Pharmacist who are either attached to a hospital or has …

Technology to Tackle Terrorism (T3)

Conventional war is pretty straight forward. As always, it is the Manpower, Ammunition power, and the power of our equipments (in form of Weapons, Aircrafts, Missiles, Battle Tanks, Frigates, Submarines etc) combined with tactical and technological brilliance of our leadership of the armed forces, that essentially decides the outcome.

The proxy war, with its various manifestations, is the bane of human kind today, and is challenging the basic foundation of social co-existence of the humans in a secular world. This has assumed monstrous propositions, what with wealthy nations and individuals fuelling hatred, ego and economic centric frenzy, misplaced faith, brainwashed trust, by exploiting the ignorance and illiteracy of the lower rung of society, where even basic needs of humans in terms of food, shelter and clothing is a huge challenge. This wrapped under the sensitive garb of religion, is a deadly concoction.

To tackle a proxy war, which are often coordinated Guerilla missions by s…