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Birds, Beasts & Bandits

The transformation that the Western Ghats, bordering the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu has undergone, over the last decade is legendary, thanks to one event which was the hunting down of a man, who ruled the wilderness for over 3 decades. An undisputed master of the jungles, the man spelt terror in the wilds, was idolized like Robin Hood at the hamlets bordering the jungles, gave sleepless nights to the special task forces and forest guards – was an omnipresent phantom of the woods – Koose Munuswamy Veerapan.
Such was his control over the forest ranges of Mudumalai right up to Sathyamangalam, driving down the Kollegal stretch or the B.R.Hills, MM Hills roads was fraught with great risk, for a chance encounter with this dreaded bandit. When he kidnapped Wildlife activists and Photographers- Krupa Shanker and Senani from their homes at Bandipur, no one gave them a chance in hell to get back alive. That they did return from the jaws of death, after almost a fortnight in the jungles w…