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Elephant Attack 3

Friday, the 12th of July would be etched in our memories for long. This would be especially significant for Suresh and Deepa, who probably have had their first such experience. 
For me, Lalli (Wife) and Vaishu(Daughter) being frequent jungle goers and experiencing such incidents, we were quite used to this though this was possibly one of the closest we came to a brush with disaster. It was a cloudy evening as Suresh, Deepa, Lalli, Sanjeet (a fellow wildlife photographer) and me along with a naturalist from Jungle Lodges Resort set out for an evening Safari.  As we entered the Mysore – Kerala road stretch, we were greeted by Langurs, Cheetal and even a Crested Serpent Eagle. Turning into Zone A in front of the forest office, we ambled along past the first salt pit to the right, when we saw a jeep in front of us signaling a ‘T’ (the left hand horizontal to the ground and the right under it on a vertical position – similar to the timeout sign or the decision review sign used by cricket …