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Flame of the Forest

Every once a while, an event happens, which blows away some of your straight jacketed preset perceptions. For example, though I was a Broadway freak, a Bharathanatyam based classic portrayal, I always thought, was not my cup of tea. “Flame of the Forest” was one such experience for me – or so I thought. My cousin Sivakumar actually saw this coming, when he called to invite me. “Don’t think your Saturday evening is out of the window, this will be a grand experience, so do come” he insisted. I am indebted to him for his foresight, for I would have been cursing myself for the rest of my life on letting such an amazing experience slip by, for, honestly, I was not too sure of what I was getting into, even when I stepped into the auditorium.

The 100 odd minutes that Saturday evening, were mesmerizing, to say the least – a brilliant display of emotions through pure art form – Music, Dance and Drama, blasting my perception away.
A Contemporary theatre version of Kalki’s legendary “Sivakamiyin S…