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Have you ever been Guilty of looking at Others your own age and thinking - Boy, i can't look that old ?

Well . . . . read on . . . .

Last week, I had a meeeting scheduled with a new CEO of an IT Major who I work with. A few minutes early, I was sitting in the waiting room, direcly across her Cabin.
The Dog Tag on the cabin displayed her full name. Suddenly, I remembered a Slender, Stunning beauty, with the same name, who was at our college some 25 years ago. I was extremely eager to figure out if it were the same girl (who quite a few of us had a secret crush on), way back in th 80's at college.

However, entering the cabin and one look at her, I was like a popped baloon and quickly did away with any thoughts of equating the dream girl with her. This bloated, spectacled woman with the deep wrinkles was too old to have been my classmate.

However, she was extremely well mannered and we hit it off like a song. So, before taking leave, I asked her if she went to PSG at Coimbatore in the…