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'WILD' Ways of Humans

It’s almost impossible to describe the feeling when you are meters away from a massive 5 ton beast standing well over 2 meters tall, gently feeding on wild bamboo shoots, oblivious of your presence (or so you think). Wildlife experiences are emotional and inspiring, bringing out the subtle majesty of the animal, while reminding you, that a moment is all it takes to transpire thrill into tragedy. Conservationists, Nature Lovers, Trekkers, and Wildlife Photographers are terms today that seem to be the fad of the urban yuppie crowd. The pressures and claustrophobia of the concrete jungle forces them to unwind into vast open, green, fresh air spaces and the fast depleting jungle spaces are the easiest targets. Tagging to one of the terminologies above give them a false sense of identity and reason to venture out into the wilds, little realizing the sensitivity of the wilderness and its dwellers. But there is a dark side. Many things in the wilderness cut, bite, sting, maim and even kill. R…