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The Dangerous Gentlemanly game

It was all over in a blink of the eye. That regular short pitched ball from Abbot, a lifting bouncer was climbing on the swivelling Hughes, who in a momentary rush of blood took his eyes of the ball, went for the hook, played early, ended up exposing his left ear and neck. The 160 gm red cherry thudded into the area below the ear and neck which had no protection from the helmet. What followed was a tragic on field event which is a blotch on the once aristocratic Gentleman’s game. (To be fair to Abbot and lend a consoling hand, the replay will tell you, it wasn't a menacing missile, rising from an uncomfortable length, but a rank short ball which was a mere 80 mph run of the mill short pitch delivery)

Debates on forums, blogs and cyberspace have sprung up by the millions dissecting, analyzing, discussing the event from multiple views. From the technique, safety, rules of the game, new laws every possible view point and aspect are in for a detailed scrutiny. There are even calls for …