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The Hill Station Next door

This little break to Yelagiri had multiple reasons. One, a short rejuvenation stint was required for my daughter, who had just finished her 12th exams, before getting stuck into preparation classes for her competitive exams, Two, it had been ages since we visited our property, which we invested a few years ago, and Three – the summer heat was bearing down on Chennai. It was time to head for the hills.

The drive from Chennai was a smooth one, and being a weekday, the early morning traffic was hardly anything to comprehend with. The 17odd Kms of Ghat sections were so empty that Renault had chosen this time and day to test ride their new SUV’s (which were hooded, to keep prying eyes away), which they plan to launch shortly. The roads are nice and the 14 hairpin bends are innovatively named after the legendary philanthropic icons of Tamil Literature. Yelagiri, the lesser known and shortest hill station to Chennai, is a small little town, comprising of a clutch of villages in Athanavur, Nil…