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The Big Five Oh!
Turning 50 (The Big Five Oh!) was supposed to be a momentous occasion – a milestone of sorts. My parents called in to advice a visit to the family deity (for an Ayushomam, which was supposed to ensure a smooth passage for the next 50), Wifey and daughter had planned a secret party rounding up quite a few of my close friends and relatives for an eventful evening and dinner.  
Honestly, for me, 50 was just another number.  Agreed, fifty may be too late to embark on a career as a F1 driver or aspire to win the Wimbledon, but it’s quite a good age to think about establishing a new business, spending more time in the wilderness with my photo gear, a great age to pursue flying, writing more for blogs & magazines.
Incidentally there are some great perks that come with that age . . . secrets are safe with my friends (unless I post them on FB or whatsaap) because they can’t remember them either. Kidnappers are not very interested in people of my age, for all you know, they ma…