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The Play Book

Having my hands around, what was perceived to be a game changer, here are my initial observations.

The almost oxymoronic name “Play Book” is surely not a stunner by looks. The angular edges, the darkish tint are certainly not attention grabbers. However, the logo at the rear and the classy embossed name in front are saving graces. It can easily pass by for yet another Androidish looking tablet and it is a bit of let down, considering it is the first tablet device from the stable of Research In Motion, featuring the all-new QNX-based BlackBerry Tablet OS.

The touch and feel is a refreshing change, especially from all the Blackberry’s I’ve owned since the old blue 7290. Right from that rubbery sensation you get, which you feel good and confident to hold, to the responsive 1024 X 640 display over a 7inch screen, the evolution is evident.

The 4 buttons on top are neat. The device could have probably done better with a slightly larger and better positioned, on off switch, which is a bit har…

Harsha Bhogle - The Winning Way

What happens when Two IIM Alumni, one a highly successful Sports commentator and the other an equally well known Advertising consultant, decide on capturing their consulting experience over a period of 6 years in book form? A Winning Way emerges . . . . Literally!
The Bhogle’s – Anita and Harsha have produced exactly that in their blockbuster paperback – The Winning way. This unpretentious 193 page power packed paperback is a reader’s delight. It was a pleasure to be part of their book launch at Chennai and spend time with them, hearing their views and experiences in person.

Rarely do you find nonfiction which keeps you captivated all through and is really hard to put down. Harsha’s style of narration, his command over the English language, his choice of vocabulary is unmatched, as the book flows from corporate lessons and learning’s blending neatly with sport situations and real life incidents.
I simply loved the way each chapter links into the other right from the Contents page. Beginn…