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Dad’s lessons – after death!!

If there ever is a word called ‘Telephobia’ it was all over me during the last weeks of December 2016. Dad was seriously ill at the hospital. The ringtone on my mobile (coincidently the theme music from the Good the bad the ugly) gave me the goose bumps every time it went on. 

The writing was on the wall when the docs told me and my brother that it was ‘a matter of a few days’ and I was steeling myself for that dreaded day. I was pushing myself to stay strong as I spent time with him during the last few days of his life as he battled his illness bravely – strong as a pillar, an epitome of grace, courage and faith – as he always was. At some points, I was not sure of how to cope up with the impending loss. The gloom was scary. 

That dreaded call came just past midnight on the 28th of December 2016. My wife who had stayed by his side at the hospital for four days along with my mom, called to break the news.

Yet, when it actually happened and the call came in, something inside me just snapp…