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Stanmore - Valparai

The term “Bungalow” is normally associated with a regal British home and has its roots in India. In the province of Bengal, single-family homes were called bangla or bangala. British colonists adapted these as summer homes. The idea was to cluster the kitchen, dining area, bedrooms, and bathroom around a central living area. These sprawling houses often have all the trappings of the British era. Wrought iron bath tubs, Doulton wash basins; Shanks flush tanks, fireplaces in all rooms, brass adjustable light holders; all within large rooms and even larger bathrooms.

The quintessential British bungalow - Stanmore, part of the Woodbriar group, is certainly one of those quaint world charms, hidden within the Anamalai Range, just past the Valparai town. A sprawling 7500 square feet property, it houses 3 massive bedrooms, each with huge windows opening out into the lap of mother nature, huge bathrooms with all modern amenities, attached dressing rooms and individual fireplaces. A couple of eq…