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OPS (Other Person’s Shadow) Syndrome

Stepping into the shoes of a towering, historic leader is no easy task – especially if those are the shoes of a Charismatic, Legendary, Towering demigoddess who had created history in life (and death).
Yet, a person who was never perceived as an independent decision maker, always known as a trusted lieutenant, a humble loyalist, a stop gap leader – has silently played a very important role in supporting the historic student movement to preserve the cultural identity of the Tamil community. 
In the current harsh, sensitive political scenario, filling the void left by a legendary leader, amidst burning cultural issues and sensitive youth ideologies, walking a tightrope balancing the Centre, State & party politics is almost like skating on thin ice or walking a minefield. One wrong move and things could spiral out of control.
Sensing the mood of the student rising, understanding emotions, meeting them the very evening, flying out to Delhi, meeting the PM, convincing the various depar…