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Life's Lessons

The mark of your ignorance is the depth of your belief in injustice and tragedy. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly – Richard Bach in his block buster paperback – Illusions.
I never really got to relate to the brilliance of this dictum, until I experienced it.

You can certainly trust Bach with understanding the intricacies and the vagaries of life – mine had definitely been turned upside down, inside out in the last couple of years, from that fateful day on January 2009, when Ramalinga Raju, with one stroke of his pen, stunned the world, sending the corporate and financial world into a tizzy, an event that Corporate India and the world is still struggling to come to terms with.

Little did I realize the impact of what played out the next few months, as I sat in my cozy corner cabin on the 3rd floor of the swank Maansarower towers, opening out into the streets of Chennai.

The 12 odd years at Satyam was possibly a fairytale run for me personally. …

Back to the Future!

What’s all this fuss with the Credit Rating of Standards and Poor’s? (Apart from stoking a funny debate on what kind of a name this could be to a rating agency!). Well, it is all about, let us bite the bullet and spell out the tragic line – The Bankruptcy of the great nation – USA.

Many thoughts and theories abound on why this great country is becoming the cynosure of all eyes very frequently for the wrong financial reasons. Questions are being raised on the audacity of the USA to be playing the “Big Daddy” for the developing nations, while its own backyard is being ravaged by debt. Debates are woven around the credibility of the financial culture of the once great nation, which was built around a simple principle - Live for Today.

This particular aspect does require a deeper look, for in my personal view, does bear logic. Look at the needs of a common American citizen. The equivalent of our own Roti Kapada or Makan. This used to be an almost assured commodity, thanks to the Social S…