Harsha Bhogle - The Winning Way

What happens when Two IIM Alumni, one a highly successful Sports commentator and the other an equally well known Advertising consultant, decide on capturing their consulting experience over a period of 6 years in book form? A Winning Way emerges . . . . Literally!
The Bhogle’s – Anita and Harsha have produced exactly that in their blockbuster paperback – The Winning way. This unpretentious 193 page power packed paperback is a reader’s delight. It was a pleasure to be part of their book launch at Chennai and spend time with them, hearing their views and experiences in person.

Rarely do you find nonfiction which keeps you captivated all through and is really hard to put down. Harsha’s style of narration, his command over the English language, his choice of vocabulary is unmatched, as the book flows from corporate lessons and learning’s blending neatly with sport situations and real life incidents.

I simply loved the way each chapter links into the other right from the Contents page. Beginning with defining the Business of Winning, which starts with Goal Setting, leading into Attributes that translate goals to winning ways, which nicely sets up Burden of Winning and Learning from Losing, culminating in Change, Teambuilding and Leadership parameters that really makes up the Winning way.

Similarly, the idea of summarizing each chapter with the key takeaway’s was an extremely thoughtful one, for not only does it allow for a quick revision, but actually serves as a ready reckoner for future use.

The real life examples to concepts are enthralling to say the least. For example, the point about ‘Winning in all conditions‘was a master piece. We are all familiar with the old adage – When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This is extremely well related to the corporate world, as well as to the Sporting scene by two wonderful situations. For the corporate world, Cadbury’s famous Worm controversy and how the company stood up to face the challenge, by not shying away, but taking the bull by the horns, explaining possible gaps, their initiatives to fill them and their commitment to quality is a perfect example. The sporting scenario describes the situation that the Australian team found itself on the eve of the world cup in 2003, when most of their leading players were down due to various issues. Instead of sulking or giving up the rest of team rallied around to create history. This book is really pepperd with such realistic examples drawn around concepts, kept in simple yet elegant style of writing, which is really the game changer.

Mukesh Ambani’s foreword may not stand out or may not near the narration excellence of the rest of the book but the last word, from possibly one of the greatest ambassadors of the game – Rahul Dravid is a masterpiece. A perfect shot of Bailey’s after a sumptuous dinner.

In my opinion – a must have on your shelf and a must read for the sheer experience.

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