The Ghost Protocol

It had been over a decade since I went to a movie in a theater and when my daughter wanted to break this jinx, families of Suresh, Shankar and Raja were first to pounce on this chance to convert another staunch home theater coucher to the movie hall.
Ghost Protocol (honestly, I think this undercover operation by the daughter and my close friends, deserves this name better) was the chosen conversion pad and we landed up at the theater last night, all families, occupying a complete line on the hall.

 On to the movie, the star of the show Tom Cruise, the ever young IMF agent Ethan Hunt in pushed to the brink, a kind of a make or break situation, following the CIA’s disavowal, for a spectacular bomb strike on the Kremlin, gone sour. His options, if he chooses to accept it, is to track down the real trouble maker, a Scandinavian diplomat turned demented terrorist (Michael Nyqvist) who has the secret code for a nuclear missile launch, or simply be labeled and guillotined a terrorist plotting a nuclear attack.

 No prizes for guessing his choice and the Ghost Protocol comes alive across globetrotting locations from Moscow, Dubai, Mumbai all leading to nail biting encounters. There are shades of Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress and The Bond sizzler ‘Moonraker” in the tech wizardry and the gadget extravaganza, but the spell binding action sequences and the edge of the seat photography of stunts like the one on the outer walls of the world’s tallest building is simply nerve-racking to say the least.

There's something for everything in the movie, for a car lover, you are in for a treat, with an impressive array of dream cars and futuristic vehicles on show. The BMW Concept Car (Vision EfficientDynamics ) makes a stunning entry and does partake in a brief chase, while the legendary coupes (650ci 2nd Gen) from the same stable hold forte on the longer car chases. There's technology at its brilliant best for the geeks, with a myraid range of gadgets from the sane to the sublime on display.

If you are not a Tom Cruise fan, then his age does show and would be interesting  to see if MI5 would stick to action. Having said this, I am asking for trouble from his fans and I order this review to self-destruct in five seconds after you have finished reading it: Boooooom

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