Wild Boar

The wild ancestors of domestic pigs, Wild Boars are normally shy and docile creatures of the wild. However, when cornered or provoked (especially with their young ones around), these tough animals can indeed turn out to be deadly. Sounder is the collective noun for Wild Boars, and a sounder usually comprises over 10 animals – mostly young ones.

Interestingly, during a morning Boat Safari, we sighted this wonderful boar beginning its day on one of the receding patches of grass. The low angle gave me a chance to get a full frame and the green patch behind the boar served as a decent backdrop to enhance the size of this majestic animal. A thoroughbred and growing up male (marked by the tusks, though being of smaller than average size), it can astoundingly reach heights of up to four feet and weigh over 300 kilograms!

During an evening Jeep Safari later the same day, we were fortunate enough to spot this huge male resting right on the jeep tracks! As the safari vehicle neared the animal, it reluctantly moved away, possibly cursing us for interrupting his peaceful siesta. His direct stare and menacing tusks were majestic to say the least! Fortunately, we had ample time to view it at close quarters and click a few pictures.
 Surprisingly, there are reports of a Wild Boar, when cornered by a Tiger, taking it head on, ripping open its stomach, and killing it on the spot (George B Schaller’s book, “The Deer and the Tiger: A study of wildlife in India” narrates this in detail).

Fascinatingly, besides being the staple diet of the fictional character Obelix, boar meat is considered a delicacy in many a cuisine, including the legendary ‘Pandi Curry’ – a Coorgi dish.

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