The Big Five Oh!

Turning 50 (The Big Five Oh!) was supposed to be a momentous occasion – a milestone of sorts. My parents called in to advice a visit to the family deity (for an Ayushomam, which was supposed to ensure a smooth passage for the next 50), Wifey and daughter had planned a secret party rounding up quite a few of my close friends and relatives for an eventful evening and dinner.  

Honestly, for me, 50 was just another number.  Agreed, fifty may be too late to embark on a career as a F1 driver or aspire to win the Wimbledon, but it’s quite a good age to think about establishing a new business, spending more time in the wilderness with my photo gear, a great age to pursue flying, writing more for blogs & magazines.

Incidentally there are some great perks that come with that age . . . secrets are safe with my friends (unless I post them on FB or whatsaap) because they can’t remember them either. Kidnappers are not very interested in people of my age, for all you know, they may be asked to keep me themselves. In a hijack or a hostage situation I am likely to be released first.

Actually, I am perhaps more me than at any time in my life. I am playing tennis, badminton and golf, for example, because I love the game, not to be fit and sexy, and if I feel like stopping, I can. Likewise with my apparel, I wear what I want and feel comfortable in, rather than aspiring to make a fashion statement – and nobody minds it.

Lastly, there’s this spiritual or religion thing that I’ve never ever attempted to take a deeper look at and am being told its time I did. Presumably there's a happy heavenly eternal afterlife where you get to be reunited with our loved ones – if true, I don’t have a huge problem with the whole limited-time-on-earth concept.

Then there’s the other school of thought on reincarnation – no problem with this one either – great if I can start all over again. But for now, there are a few more decades, before its time to think of an afterlife and find the awareness of impending mortality – enough inspiration to enjoy every moment of the next few decades!

So, Just half a century under my belt. Wonder what will happen in the next fifty. At the speed the world works now, we'll all be living out Star Wars for real . . . can’t wait to get my hands on those groovy Jet Packs !!!

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